Next LIVE EVENTS- Upcoming concerts across the next few months will feature a variety of talented performers including Cameron Lloyd, Chris and Joanne Powell, Michael Carter and Kevin Grunill.

Please visit "MusicalMuseumLive" - our YouTube Channel, where you can view previous events that we have streamed from our concert hall, and featuring a variety of entertainment from Silent Films to Electronic Keyboards.

If you would like to support us, and access future concerts and events, please consider subscribing via Patreon.

Video Series: Exhibits In-depth

​We're currently producing a series of videos that explore the Musical Museum's unusual collection in detail. The series covers a wide variety of exhibits, from The Mighty Wurlitzer with a behind-the-scenes tour and demonstration; to a self-playing violins, pianos, and more, with unique footage of the instruments in action. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel so that you're notified when a new video is released!


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