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Donations & Bequests

Help the Musical Museum survive! We are eternally grateful to all of our visitors and benefactors, who contribute towards the wellbeing of the Museum. All proceeds are invested into the care of the collection and making our museum a better place for you and your family to visit. Please click below to make a donation, or contact the Museum to discuss leaving a lasting legacy.

Become a Patron

As an independent charity we receive no permanent government funding, have no substantial reserves and are not underwritten financially. We rely on donations, admission fees and events to raise revenue and preserve our collections for the benefit of future generations.

Our Patrons support the Museum by subscribing from just £3 per month; this income is then used to fund the operation of the Museum and the achievement of our charitable objectives. In return, we offer a number of rewards including access to live streams of concerts, free tickets, and more. 

Alternatively, you can also apply for annual membership of the Museum, which gives you a direct say in the way that the Trust operates, as well as free admission to the Musical Museum (and the Museum of Water and Steam) for a year.

Interior of museum showing a large organ, 4 pianos and glass cabinet containing music boxes.


Over the past 60 years, The Musical Museum has been run almost entirely by volunteers. We are extremely grateful to them for their enthusiasm, skills and support, which won "Highly Commended - Volunteer Team of the Year" at the Museum and Heritage awards. 

Our tour guides are at the centre of the Museum experience, and often leave a lasting, positive impact on our visitors and the community that surrounds us. Roy Huddleston, our long-time friend and a beloved tour guide, passed away recently.  He was a great ambassador of the Museum and had 319 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor! Here are just a few of them. 

You can make a difference too. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds and levels of expertise, and have opportunities to suit - from instrument restoration, to reception, audio-visual, tour guides, gardeners, accounting, marketing... and many more.

Highly Commended in 2017 at Museums and Heritage Awards for Volunteer team of the year
Exterior of Museum building, shown from the road.

Become a Trustee

We are always seeking new Trustees to broaden the mix of individuals who make up our board of Directors, and encourage a broad spectrum of applications. We are looking for individuals with a senior professional background and in particular, experience of fundraising, marketing, venue hire, collections management/curation or education to help us deliver our charitable aims. We operate an equal-opportunities policy – regardless of age, sexuality, gender or ethnicity, we welcome applications from anyone with relevant leadership experience. 

 Trustees are not paid a salary; instead you will be able to apply your skills, experience and contacts to help us grow the museum's visitors, reach new audiences, and build a sustainable future for our collections.

Interested parties should make contact with our office.

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