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What's in the Museum

Collection and Exhibits

Our collection spans from the 17th century to the present day, and includes a wide variety of self-playing musical instruments, from tiny music boxes to the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ taking centre stage in our 250-seat concert hall. We not only display these instruments but also provide visitors with the rare opportunity to hear them play, offering a unique auditory journey through the ages. These live demonstrations are a key feature of the Museum, enabling visitors to experience the music as it was intended to be heard, providing educational insights into how the instruments work and their place in the history of music and entertainment.


Educational Workshops

The museum is committed to education, offering workshops, lectures, and guided tours that delve into the science of sound, the history of musical instruments, and the art of music composition and performance. The museum offers insights into the history of music, the technology behind automatic instruments, and the craftsmanship required to create and maintain these complex machines. It’s an educational visit that bridges the gap between music, technology, and history.

Concerts and Events


In addition to guided tours of the collection, we host events for a variety of charities, local community groups and businesses. We also stage a variety of classical music concerts, ballroom dancing classes, silent films and lively evenings featuring local rock bands and musicians. Please check our "What's On" page for further details.

Café & Car Park

The museum has a small car park. To guarantee a space for your visit please book ahead through JustPark

Cafe.River view.jpg

We also have a delightful Café and licenced bar with views over the River, serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

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