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Kew Bridge Kinema at the Musical Museum

Kew Bridge Kinema at the Musical Museum

An exciting new project featuring regular silent cinema screenings with live musical accompaniment on the Wurlitzer by our own Donald Mackenzie.


Silent Sundays £15, Fright Nights £20. Your confirmation email is your ticket. At the door, please show your ticket and your ID.


19 May 2024 Silent Sundays; SHOW PEOPLE (u) £15

9 June 2024 Silent Sundays; COMEDY GREAT SHORT-FILMS (u) £15

27 July 2024 Musical Museum Fright Night; 8pm (NB - this is on a Saturday) - NOSFERATU (pg) £20

18 August 2024 Silent Sundays; PICCADILLY (pg) £15

15 September 2024 Silent Sundays; CARMEN OF THE NORTH (1919) (pg) & BURLESQUE ON CARMEN (1915) £15

27 October 2024 Musical Museum Fright Night; Halloween Event with THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (u) £20

24 November 2024 Silent Sundays; FOOLISH WIVES (pg) £15

15 December 2024 Silent Sundays Panto: Cinderella £15

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