Exhibitions & Special Tours

The Musical Museum's Mighty Wurlitzer

 Our Mighty Wurlitzer has just celebrated its 90th Birthday, and a specially commissioned set of exhibition panels explore the history of this very special instrument, from the conception of the theatre organ, its manufacture in the USA and working years at the The Regal Cinema in Kingston upon Thames, as well as the decades it has been part of the collection of The Musical Museum, the restoration process and the organists who have played it. The panels can be viewed as part of a normal visit to the Musical Museum.

Director's Tours

This year we will be running a series of “behind the scenes” tours led by one of our trustees, featuring an in-depth look at the workings of the Musical Museum not normally accessible to the public, including our roll-library and workshop. The tours will include a full demonstration of The Mighty Wurlitzer, with “virtual tours” of the complex and delicate pipe chambers and a Q&A session. The grand finale is a “mini-concert” with a specially selected series of musical numbers that showcase the sound of this remarkable instrument.