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Organ, Philharmonic Reproducing Pipe






Organ, Philharmonic Reproducing Pipe

M. Welte and Sohne

Model IVB

c 1912

Freiburg Germany

Private house

Electricity 50 volts D.C.



This is an instrument of 2 manuals 471 pipes in 10 ranks and a 27 note pedalboard, all set in a carved mahogany case with a frontage of non-playing pipes.

There is also a drum playable only from the music roll.

The special paper rolls give automatic selection of stops, control the swell shutters and play the notes.


Paper Rolls with 120 hole tracker bar

Musical Museum


Acquired in 1966 from a country house, Findon Manor, in West Sussex which was being sold following the death of the owner. He is said to have bought the instrument in the 1920`s from Steinway Hall in London


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