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Barrel Organ






Barrel Organ

Labelled as Chiappa & Sons, London but more likely Gebr. Bruder (Gebrüder brothers), Germany.


Black Forest, Germany

Street or other outdoor use

Hand Turned

Hand Turned

This is a typical medium-sized street barrel organ Its loud sound was designed to attract people from some distance. Pushed round in a hand cart or part of a fairground ride these were very popular with buskers or at fairgrounds.

Pinned wooden Barrel with 10 original tunes, using 45 keys.

Pinned wooden Barrel with 10 original tunes, using 45 keys.

Musical Museum


In 1975, this instrument was given to the Museum by the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. Reputedly, it had been bought for a stage production in the early 1900’s and after the run of the show simply languished in the “props” basement store for the next 70 years or so.

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