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Piano, Grand, Reproducing






Piano, Grand, Reproducing

Steinway Welte

Piano: model 0
Player: Welte (green) reproducing



Private house

240v AC

240v AC


This is a model 0 Steinway grand piano fitted with the Welte (green) reproducing player mechanism. The suction unit is built into a separate cabinet, coupled to the piano by a length of hose. The Welte Green roll (made of green paper) is the same width as a standard 88 note roll, but they are not interchangeable.

Pneumatic suction player piano mechanism with perforated piano rolls.

Welte “Green” paper rolls 100 hole tracker bar.

Musical Museum


It was bought from the widow of its original owner, Dr. Mather Cordiner, who had been the King’s Physician.


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