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Piano, Reproducing






Piano, Reproducing

Steck (piano) Aeolian (player mechanism)



Leipzig, Germany (piano)

Private home

240v ac suction pump, or foot pedals

240v ac suction pump, or foot pedals

Playable and frequently demonstrated on tours

A Steck upright piano, fitted with a pedal / electric Duo-Art reproducing system - Serial No. 59038.

Pneumatic suction player piano mechanism with perforated piano rolls. Option to play Duo-Art rolls to reproduce a known artist's actual performance.

Special Duo-art paper rolls or standard 88 note paper rolls using a 94 hole tracker bar.

Musical Museum


The instrument was presented to the Museum in 1972 by Mrs. M. J. Blennerhassett. Her father had worked for many years with the Aeolian Company.


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